A Fresh Hello

Guessing that some new readers will arrive here on account of the About.Me page I created this holiday weekend (or perhaps because of a search result) and having a little time to fill waiting for the latest BeatConscious show to upload, I’ll post a fresh ‘hello’ and a brief recap of my time online….

MadameFLY achieved conceptual entityhood in the late 90s, and the online presence followed by about 2000.  Hanging out at a few friendly music sites (Art of the Mix and thedownbeat.org were key) encouraged me to build my own website — BeatConscious.org — and to think seriously about what had been a 20 year habit, making mixtapes.  A music sequencing and production program, MixMeister, gave me the essential tools to do the job properly — but not without some years of practice.  My deepest gratitude goes to those individuals, especially in the MixMeister community, who gave me lessons and encouragement from the outset.

The best explanation to date for what I’m about with BeatConscious was given in a post I did for the GuardianUK blog jam series (http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2013/feb/06/blog-jam-beatconscious).  In a nutshell:

This is a down-tempo shop, for the most part, so it stands apart from the raft of blogs devoted to more commercial sounds, and provides a little relief from the newness obsession that drives most music writing. BeatConscious is dedicated to ensuring that excellent, deserving music stays in play, despite that ‘sell by’ date. Sooner or later, a blogger with one eye on the charts starts to sound like every other blogger; BeatConscious offers an alternative.

After a long stint on Live365, the current broadcast comes courtesy of the two streaming options, Mixcloud and mix.dj … and also my website, BeatConscious.org.  Comments may be left here or on the streaming sites, so let me know how you like the music, and feel free to suggest tunes you’d like to hear on the show.


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