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Back to Basics

I’m getting back to basics after taking a three-week vacation to host an old friend who’s been visiting after a ten-year absence from the USA.  To say that he was glad to be headed back home after observing the situation here would be putting it mildly … and who could blame him?  Although he was goggle-eyed at the plenty available in American stores compared to what’s on offer where he currently lives in Central America, all that bounty could not outweigh the impact of experiencing the political chaos here … and I found it instructive to get the impressions of an American considering the state of the nation after 10 years of receiving very little news from his homeland (no cable TV where he lives).

But of course, life goes on and so does the show … look for upcoming sets featuring music from Cosmetiq artists and Volume IV of the Eveningtime jazz series, among others.  It’s good to be back!



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